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Pre-Kindergarten 3 & Pre-Kindergarten 4


This class is made up of two Pre-K classes.  Pre-K 3 is for children who have turned 3 by September 1 (or are just turning 4) and are fully potty trained, while Pre-K 4 is composed of children who are 4 or 5 years old. We know that Pre-Kindergarten is not only an amazing and exciting time in your child’s development but also a critical time to encourage SAM_0203their abilities and brain, as they are developing quickly.  As a Pre-Kindergartener, your child needs to be challenged, motivated, and encouraged.  Our day in Pre-kindergarten is balanced with teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Our teachers work hard to help give the children a strong foundation cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally in order to not only prepare them for kindergarten, but also to give them the basic tools they will need to excel as they venture out to achieve their dreams!

We believe it is important for children to learn independence and decision-making skills as well as how to listen and work with the teacher during a guided activity.  We use a child-centered approach to learning which ensures that children are appropriately challenged in a safe and respectful manner while being exposed to a diverse array of learning activities.  With this approach, children are able to thrive in all areas of child development, creative thinking, complex problem solving, empathetic collaboration, curious investigation, and astute decision making, while feeling encouraged, happy and empowered.

Academic Multi-experiential Curriculum

IMG_7365In this class, we have created a two year rotating curriculum based on themes that are not only interesting but also allow for us to expand on the knowledge and experiences the children may already have with the world around them.  This rotating curriculum is also intended to keep the children engaged, learning, and exploring as we understand that some may be in this class for 2 years.

As the teachers plan their weekly activities, they will also include a specific letter, shape and color to learn about. Lastly, every two weeks we include a bible story with activities or games that relate to the story we havetucson-preschool-4 read. Through our uniquely developed, inter-denominational, Christian Bible curriculum, we strive to encourage your child’s spiritual development as they learn how to trust in God and treat others with kindness.

Our curriculum is written in accordance to the Arizona Early Learning Standard, which means that although both classes follow the same curriculum, activities for Pre-K 3 will vary slightly from the Pre-K 4 to allow the children to be challenged appropriately. The curriculum for the week is posted within the classroom and we invite parents to take a look at all the activities your child will be offered to participate in throughout the week!

IMG_7319Learning Fun!

The day will officially begin with circle-time, where the children review the days of the weeks, months of the year, basic Spanish vocabulary, discuss the theme and share their knowledge and experiences, play games  and are assigned a helper job.  Following circle, the children will be able to choose from various activities that continue to teach them about their weekly theme, while also working on Math, Science, Social Emotional, Fine motor, Social Studies, and Language skills. Here, they will be able to work both individually and in small groups to learn to solve problems.

Each child is encouraged to explore their own creativity with projects that support and help develop their natural abilities.  We strongly believe that SAM_0208process by which the children create their art work is more important the final product itself.  Our teachers work to support and cultivate each child’s individual creativity and thought process, so that they feel confident to express themselves and proud of what they have created.

In this classroom, we also have a dramatic play area that has a play kitchen, culturally diverse food, dishes, dress up clothes, babies and many other fun props.  Each month the teacher will rotate props, to encourage the children to explore, to extend their knowledge and to play creatively with each other.

My daughter was previously at a preschool where her needs were not met and she was treated terribly.  She was developing anxiety and withdrawing from her peers.  However, after several months of being at Creative Kids, we have seen such a remarkable change!! Sarah is now excited to learn, happy to be at school and making special friends that she adores. 

Your teachers are so amazing!! You all care for our children like they are your own, and it shows each day in the progress these kids make.

Recently, I went with the preschool class to the pumpkin patch.  The tour guides kept commenting on how well behaved our “young” kids were.  It was great!!

All day long our group of kids were smiling and laughing-having a genuine good time-all because of Miss Caitlyn and Miss Timilee!  It warmed my heart to see them both go above and beyond to make the pumpkin patch experience magical and memorable for our kids.  The teachers kept the kids engaged all day and sincerely wanted to be sure the kids had fun. 

The teachers should be recognized for their dedication, hard work and caring. Thank you so much for creating an environment for our children that allows them to experience life in a positive and loving way.

Keep up the great work-you all deserve to be recognized for a job well done!!

Jamie Wanamaker

Outside Discovery & Play

DSCF2156As part of the daily schedule, the children are given three 30 minute outsideIMG_9944 play times, where they are able to play freely and enjoy the wonderful Tucson weather!  Our playground is stocked with buckets, shovels, trucks, a playhouse with shopping carts and food to inspire cooperative play as well as to help the children create and imagine. Gross motor skills involving arms and leg movements are supported daily through climbing, running, riding tricycles as well as teacher-led games. We also have a fun, shaded playground with a large wooden structure to climb and slide, swings, sturdy tricycles to ride on, a basketball hoop and balls further encourage these skills.

Field Trips!

In our Pre-K class, we are excited to be able to extend our learning outside the classroom.  We believe that field trips offer important opportunities in learning, as the children are able to have a shared social experience as wells as explore things in an authentic setting. On these extra special days, we love to have parents join in on the fun with their children as they make new discoveries and memories!

Throughout the year, we will arrange field trips to the apple orchard, the zoo, the grocery store and the pumpkin patch.  We also invite the fire department to come in and teach the kids about fire safety and have a dental technician come in during dental health month.

Music & Class Performances

100_1567At Creative Kids Preschool, believe that music is a vital part of a child’s  development.  Along with a designated music and movement time, where the children can dance, sing, play instruments, and use scarves and bean bags, the teachers inject music all throughout the day.  Our Director, Ms. T, works with the teachers helping them change daily routine activities such as cleaning up, washing hands, or getting in line into fun transitions that are musically enhanced with song and dance! As part of our music program, we create a Christmas program every December, where the children are able to sing and act out a Christmas story for family and friends.  At the end of the year, the Pre-K 4 class will perform in the Graduation Program in which they have an end of the year play and a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns!

 Positive Guidance

At Creative Kids Preschool, it is our belief that children need a secure and loving environment where limits are reasonable and consistent, as well as the freedom to make choices and learn from their actions.  We take every IMG_7537opportunity to work with the children and teach them problem solving skills by acting as a facilitator as they learn to talk their problems out with each other.  If a child, does make an inappropriate choice,  our teachers primarily use re-direction by offering more appropriate options and letting the child then choose a better activity for themselves. Teachers work hard to reinforce positive behavior as opposed to focusing on the negative.  We also work on teaching children empathy by having them help take care of a friend they may have played too rough with.  Time-out is very rarely used, but when it is our teachers are very cautious to limit it to no more than 3 minutes and talk with the child about how they can better solve their problem next time.  Our goal is to create a positive and safe environment where children gain the confidence and abilities to work out their problems, and think of resolutions independently.

Communication with parents

preschool in tucsonWe have a dry erase board posted in the class, where the teacher will write notes about what the children have been working on that day.  We also have an open door policy and welcome parents to come in and help in the classroom anytime.

Our teachers also work hard to capture and document many of your child’s developmental milestones through an individual portfolio.  Included in this portfolio is a developmental check list, anecdotal notes the teacher has taken and photos of your child engaged in various activities throughout the year.  A parent-teacher conference is offered at the end of the year to go over your child’s portfolio and discuss all they have accomplished! If you wish to talk in more detail with your child’s teacher, you are welcome to schedule a conference with her anytime.

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