My son, Austin, started your school at the end of January.  He had a difficult time with transitioning because he had to change schools and his home at the same time.  Even though he was having a hard time, the staff at your school was so supportive and helped us through this difficult time.  It only lasted about a month and after he adjusted to his new life and his new school, he has absolutely blossomed.  All of my friends and family have told me how much Austin has changed.  His maturity level has escalated and the knowledge he has gained is incredible.  Austin loves his school, his teacher and his friends.  He is a very happy and well adjusted 4 year old and I owe Theresa Anderson a huge thank you because I truly believe that the environment that she creates for her kids is like no other school I have seen and I couldn’t be happier.  Theresa has high expectations of her staff and they do a great job with all of the kids.  The activities, the games, the education at this school are top notch and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to put Austin in this school.  I think that Theresa has created an amazing, fun and safe environment where kids feel loved and safe and that’s a big reason why Austin has grown into such an amazing little man.

Prior to him attending your school, he attended a couple of other daycares.  He went to another school for over 2 years and the difference in schools is night and day.  They originally won me over because of their big pretty new building, their outside play areas for all of the kids and the fancy computers they had for the kids.  It only took me a short time to realize that none of that mattered because the turnover at that school was ridiculous.  He literally had a new teacher every three weeks and they didn’t even know his name.  I constantly had to fight and argue with the staff and the director regarding several issues.  It became obvious that this school was focused solely on money and not on the kids.  Creative Kids clearly focuses on their staff and their children, and it is amazing to see how differently schools can be, based on their teachers and the directors.  I truly believe that Teresa has made Creative Kids an amazing place for kids.  I wanted to thank you for allowing her to run this school and thank you for giving her the ability to make a difference in my son’s life.

"Educating Tomorrow's Leaders
One Hug at a Time"

1310 W. Ina Road
Ina and La Canada